Internet Marketer & Web Developer

Helping You To Build Your Presence Online & Take Your Business To Next Level

Local Business Consultant

To be successful you have to look successful.

We will build all your pages that will make good presence for your local business online to help you reach more leads. 

I Will Build a Professional Webpages For Your Business

Owning just another Website is not going to boost your business, but one that is loaded with Google Friendly Features will.
We Are Specialized in Developing World Class and Google Loved SEO Optimized Websites To Grab Your Visitor’s Attention, And Get You Higher Ranking

Helping You Achieve Success

We Build Online Presence To Be Combined With Offline Approach 

You don’t know where your prospects might be, so you have to make your business available for all online audiences.

I have identified an opportunity that could result in an increase of new clients and sales for your chiropractic center. 

Your client base will grow each month without additional investments in advertisement.

Reach more customers.

Stop loosing your webpages visitors and force them to back to you any time you want.

Increase your sales, booking rate with new TECH!

Build your reputation online and gain more good reviews.

Automated System

We will create a stunning, captivating and converting pages.

Now you can tell more to your audience and convert them quickly using your pages.

Connect With Them Sociable!

Your brand is legendary! Achieve immediate brand recognition with a stunning pages and video. Showing the customer that you can easily solve their problem with your cover video is smart. It’s time for you to snatch this opportunity and take your business to a new level!

Automated Message System

Using Messenger within Pages is very limited and become poor! 

Our service changes this using fully-customized automated messages for both prospects and clients


Educate Them First

Educate your visitors about your business first, then convert those prospects to targeted leads and build your won customers list in complete autopilot

Book a Free Call With Me?


If you are ready to talk about about your business and how will will make a custom package for you to build your presence online, or if you already have your own webpages but it still in old fashion and you don’t have social profiles or messaging system that will collect your leads in complete autopilot, you can book a call with me for free and I will be happy to explain more about this system 

You May Have a Website Already But Need Customization.

If you already have a website and maybe you need to customize your website a little bit, change your site style, change the theme, move your website to new fast loading hosting

You Want To Create Social Profiles?

You already have a social profiles but you don’t have time to manage those profiles or maybe you need to build new pages, like Facebook fan page with professional cover video, or maybe a Youtube channel with professional branded intro and outro animated logo

You Have a Local Business and don't know where to start?

If you are about to start from scratch and need more clarification about my system and how it will help your business to grow, we can talk about that!

You Have a Website and Some social Profiles?

Maybe you have a website and some social pages like facebook or Youtube and you think this thing is useless. we can start from this point and grow your presence and build your brand online starting today 

About Me

 name is Adam Jacob, working online since 2007.

My main experience is building websites, landing pages, sales funnels. 

I also have many skills on video editing, creating sales videos. graphic design, creating logos and much more…

So working with me will feel you satisfied as I don’t outsource my work, this means all your project elements will be designed by me and this will keep the main style of the work with same concept and vision and I can convert your vision into web pages.

I like to communicate with my clients and working closer in same project until you get 100% satisfied


Online Branding System

Automated Blog

Automated blog is a smart blogging platform pre-made to generate a targeted content from all over the web and fetch it to your blog automatically, so you have no worries about adding blood to your static pages and make it more engageable with your visitors 

Automated Messaging System

If your website doesn’t have a messaging system, like email form and follow up or chatbot system this means you are loosing your current visitors forever.

With messaging system you can follow up with your visitors and let them back to your website whenever you want.


Professional Landing Page

If you have a website for your business thats good but landing page is like a bridge page that will send direct message to your visitors to filter them with targeted intrest or focus in one or to angel of your business, this will prepare them when they visit your website to spend more time on it.

Are You Affiliate Marketer?
You Did Start Making Money As Affiliate Marketer Yet?

We were in same situation and I can help you building a small network of pages and provide you with the tools needed to make your journey with affiliate marketing more interesting and more easy.

As an affiliate marketer you need many tools to start, I will not tell you like other gurus that I will provide you with a push button software that will generate money or traffic over night! 
But I can help you with many tools and help you with my skills to make things more easy for you and safe more money.


Don’t Wait Any Longer. Start Expanding Your Business Reach Today!

Email Me: wordpress.1mentor@gmail.com

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