Coin Desk

WATCH: Chainlink CEO Talks Data Oracles


Chainlink CEO Sergey Nazarov spoke at CoinDesk’s Invest: Asia 2019 conference in Singapore on current products and future developments for the Chainlink platform. An API bridging service, Chainlink connects smart contract platforms – like decentralized […]

Bitcoin Magazine

Discovering Bitcoin Part 5: Digital Scarcity


This is the fifth installment of bitcoiner Giacomo Zucco’s series “Discovering Bitcoin: A Brief Overview From Cavemen to the Lightning Network.” Read the Introduction to his series, Discovering Bitcoin Part 1: About Time, Discovering Bitcoin […]


Litecoin Price in 2022? Patience…


Litecoin price in 2022 is a question on everyones mind who is invested in Litecoin. We explore this question mainly because of a price prediction from Tim … source YouTube