4 Pieces Of Dating Advice To Be A Sexy Dating Pro This Fall — And Always | Lisa Clampitt

Fall in love this fall.

I know you are probably sad to see the sunny days and summer temperatures fade away, but in terms of dating advice, you should start getting very excited for fall. For a lot of people, summer is all about finding a fling, looking for a hookup, and taking advantage of the nice weather to go out and meet as many different people as possible.

Once fall comes, however, a lot of daters change their tune. The colder temperatures send the brain a message to begin building a nest and preparing for the winter. Fall is a time when singles want to find that person with whom they are going to snuggle up when it snows, to watch a movie, and to maybe even take home for Thanksgiving dinner. 

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With that in mind, here are some tips to help you find someone to snuggle with as the season changes.

1. Never leave home without a conversation starter.

By this, I do not mean have a list of questions that you are already ready to ask when you meet a cute guy. I mean choose something you can bring with you, wear, or do when you go out that will make it easier for men to approach you and strike up a conversation.

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