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From The Twittersphere – The Namibian

SJOE, there are quite a few days that fall on 8 November: Cappuccino Day, Guinness World Record Day… and World Quality Day. Among others. Interestingly, quality serves as a fundamental part of the GDP of some economies. Now for a word economy of a different sort…

You Know!

@Naffy101: When American magazines say an American is the sexiest man alive or best rapper on Earth, Africans always want to include their cousins from Hochland Park and query why they weren’t included. Tell your cousin to put more empty egg boxes in his studio. Nobody knows him.


@the_General10: Dear unemployed person: Increase your odds of getting a job by getting your driver’s licence while you wait for a job. The importance of having a driver’s licence nowadays cannot be stressed enough. Yours, employer.

@BMuhona: Dear government employees, those guys you always call to come fix a tap, a door, a cupboard, etc, at your house make close to 30 000 a month. Don’t look down on them. That is just their dress code…

@PekksNakuumba: Business people, watch your lives closely. As much as you don’t want your private life to intervene in your professional life, you need to realise that you are a custodian of other people’s investments and they need to be proud of having you as one. You are a walking billboard!

Am I The Only One?

@Kapakaye_18: Am I the only one with a savings account for my future relationship?

@Sackeus_1: Am I the only one who grew up thinking that Adam and Eve ate a real apple?

@PattyAmaka: Am I the only one who pretends to look aside when someone is typing a password so I won’t look like a thief?

@Beaulz1: Am I the only one with a ‘go-to’ karaoke song?! Mariah Carey’s ‘Always Be My Baby’ is the one, LoL.


@dustyfootharry: Someone stole both office kettles.

@Thatomekwa18: My grandma hid the bread… I also hid her teeth so I guess nobody will be eating today.


@SibsMacd: If she doesn’t sleep after sex, just know you have failed as a man!

@madisoncentreLA: What’s your idea of a perfect date?!?

Passing Shots

@MsKelao21: Unintentional cheating. Lord, your children are coming up with new words to dribble us.

@aterkel: SV Date (journalist) went to a Trump rally and asked his supporters if they care whether he lies all the time. One woman’s response: “I don’t care if he sprouts a third d*ck up there.”

@SaucyTalla: If your birthday is in December, happy birthday in advance. We are going to be too busy to be wishing people.

Compiled by Jean Sutherland

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