Oman LNG renew their long-term support of Golf Oman

Muscat:Oman LNG have committed to support the Oman Golf Committee, the governing body of golf in Oman, for another year. Since the inception of the Oman Golf Committee in 2009 Oman LNG has supported their youth development every year.

2018 has seen a huge stride forward with Golf Oman launching several initiatives focused on giving more young Omanis the opportunity to experience the sport. In February as part of the school programme, Golf Oman made its first trip to Sur, home of Oman LNG and ran a programme with the school to introduce the children to golf.

Speaking this occasion the Chairman of the Oman Golf Committee, Mr Mundhir Al Barwani commented, “We are very appreciative of the support we get to develop the sport and Oman LNG has been with us since the Oman Golf Committee was incepted in 2009. Every child who has learnt to play golf in this period will have benefitted from Oman LNG’s generosity to golf. We have been able to take our Junior National Team Squad to St Andrews this summer where they benefitted from intense training camp and enjoyed playing in what is globally known ‘as the home of Golf ’”.


Oman LNG sees sport as an important part of children’s education and supports various junior sport programmes with golf being an example of this.

Harib Al Kitani, CEO of Oman LNG added, “Golf is a sport that takes dedication, patience and many hours of practice. We have committed to the long term development of golf because we believe Oman will shortly see the benefits of the hard work being done to develop the sport. The first children on the programmes are now away at University but when they return our National Team will become stronger year on year.”   

 The Oman Golf Committee’s mission, with the support of the Ministry of Sporting Affairs, is working to raise awareness and participation levels for golf in Oman to give golfers of all ages the opportunity to play the sport. The committee aims to create an environment that allows beginners to learn and serious golfers to strive to the top. OGC is working to raise the standard of golf in Oman and produce a national team capable of competing in international events like the Olympic Games and the World Cup of Golf.

The Oman Golf Committee (OGC) was established by the Ministry of Sports Affairs on the 14th of January 2009, and is responsible for managing all technical, management, financial and organizational aspects of golf as a sport and its implementation in the Sultanate of Oman or abroad after coordination with the Ministry.


For media enquiries, please contact
Lee O’Donoghue
Director of Golf
Oman Golf Committee
+968 95231353

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